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Registration is an important part of the Runanga support process.  A registered member is able to stand for Runanga or Trust positions, is able to vote in elections and is able have their say at important hui.  None of these important options are available to unregistered members.  By registering you may also receive panui regarding upcoming Runanga Hui.

To register you must be 18 or over and whakapapa to one or more Tupuna on our list.  You must also have your signature witnessed by one of those listed on the form.

To qualify as Ahi Kaa in Harataunga, you or your immediate whanau must be living on the land and have done so for at least three generations.

To register simply click the Download Registration Form from the link above, print it, fill it in and post to the address on the form.

You can update your contact details or if wish to make a query about registration please use the Update Registration Details link above, or email or phone Carol via the Contact page.

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